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King Kennedy Rugs

No. 653 - 5' 2" x 13'

No. 653 - 5' 2" x 13'

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Type of Rug: Bakhtiari
Dimensions: 5' 2" x 13'
Age: Mid 1900's
Materials: Wool
Pile: medium
Condition: no holes, rips or tears, fantastic condition, some slight color bleed.

Notes: A stunning rare carpet, this Antique Bakhtiari is woven “east to west’ instead of the traditional “north to south” design style. If you look closely you can see the medallions are actually rotated to have the tops facing the sides. Truly a spectacular find. 

* All rugs in our collection are hand woven pieces of folk art. Pieces are chosen by our curator for their specific wear and patina. Please read descriptions carefully.

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